Veganz about VAI Trade

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Testimonial-Video: Veganz about VAI Trade

We shot this video for the Berlin based finance startup VAI Trade. Therefor we interviewed the staff of the market leader for the production of vegan food: the German company Veganz.

They use VAI trade to pre-finance their purchases: In food retail speed is the most important thing!“, says the Vegaz CFO Mario Knappe. He says that banks cannot keep up with the speed of VAI trade, „as the credit approval process takes them way too long and is way too complicated“. Where as VAI offers a „simple technological solution“ for the needs of the grocery producer.

The video targets B2B customers: companies, which might be interested in a quick and simple solution for pre-financing their purchases. The short clip is supposed to make them understand, why VAI offers a great solution for Veganz and also could be a great solution for themselves.

  • Year: 2019
  • Production: m42Images
  • Creative Directors: Paul Henschel & Jörg Winterbauer
  • Edit: Paul Henschel